Thursday, September 3, 2015

I'm Nervous!


Ishani is now quite a lady. Independent and helpful. She goes to her new school by bus and returns. No more driving duties for me. She is in Grade 1 and feels proud.

The other day she gave me an invite from her school for the Grandparents Day. They are celebrating it the coming Monday, 7th September.

I demurred but was vetoed by all. I said ok.

This morning she told me:

"You have been selected to tell us a story"

I said, no way.

She then rebuked me:

"Our mam already has taken down your name. She asked me if my grandpa would tell a story. And I said oh, yes. You can't say no now!"

I said: "I don't know any story"

She then fetched a booklet titled, 'Goldilocks and the three bears'. And sat in front of me and said:

"I will read it aloud and you repeat word by word. And practice it. You have the whole weekend for you."

I said, "Alright"

And it was time for her to run to catch her school bus.

And I am terribly is more than a decade since I spoke in a classroom....

Wish me luck!



Snehil Jain said...

Wishing you all the luck, Sir. You will do very well :)

G P Sastry ( said...

Thank you, Snehiljee! I will report the results on the 7th evening, pass or fail...Ishani will be the judge; tough!

shyamala rajan said...

Good Luck! These students might be your toughest audience yet ;-)

G P Sastry ( said...

Thank you Shyamala!

Luckily Ishani's school is co-ed and a few boys are also there. Otherwise my predicament would be that of Bertie Wooster when he was asked to deliver a talk to girls in an all-girls school...they stared at him till he blushed pink...

Dharmesh Jain said...

Happy teacher's day and all the best for your first 'lecture' in quite some time. Waiting to read its account in full glory on Monday! :)

G P Sastry ( said...

Thanks so much Dharmesh! I am preparing harder than ever ;)