Monday, November 2, 2015

Leela's Father-in-law


There are a dozen odd retirees in our little gated community. All of us live with our sons and our daughters-in-law. Most have their wives living and kicking.

Except two...KS and I. We are the merry widowers taken care of by our two angelic daughters-in-law.

Most of us meet in the mornings and evenings trying to grab seats on the lone lawn bench overlooking the distant horizon.

We talk of our own (misspent) youth, politics, and the degenerate present generation, to our hearts' content. Everyone wants to talk but no one wants to listen (except me). It is all a meaningless cacophony.

Occasionally KS and I get to sit beside one another all by ourselves. We then talk of our states of widowerhood and its special concerns and insecurities.

This morning KS was narrating the hilarious story of a widower-relative  living with his son and daughter-in-law. No one bothers to know his name. He is universally known nowadays as "Leela's Father-in-law".

Apparently he gets up as early as 5 in the morning and knocks on the bedroom door of Leela and her hubby. And pleads:

"Leela, it is already dawn. Wake up Leela wake up please!"

And then the routine starts:

"Leela! Chai!"

"Leela! Hot water for my bath!"

"Leela! Breakfast Idlis!"

"Leela! Hot coffee!"

And then snoozes.

He wakes up and restarts:

"Leela! Newspaper!"

"Leela! TV!"

"Leela! Coffee!"

"Leela! Lunch!"

It goes on and get the hang of it.

He is able-bodied and a voracious eater (BLSD..Breakfast Lunch Snacks Dinner). But he never goes out of his home. Says he is scared.

"Leela! Don't go out...stay at home...I am scared to be alone!"

And wakes up at midnight and knocks on her door gently and pleads:

"Everyone is asleep and only I am awake!"

Etc etc etc.

...And both of us laughed heartily for half a minute and suddenly fell silent.

I said:

"I have only one wish in my life now"

"What is it?"

"I don't mind rebuked by my son and granddaughter, but I would rather die than be rebuked by my daughter-in-law"

"Absolutely same here...same here...same here..."

And we parted grimly...

Que sera sera...

...Posted by Ishani


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