Friday, December 11, 2015

Reading Allergies


At my ripe age (72+) I may be excused for my reading allergies...they are very personal and, like all allergies, defy logic.

I take 2 newspapers (Deccan Chronicle and Times of India). I don't read their ample supplements. Nor their particular the nasty pullouts...they keep littering the floor.

I don't read or even look at the current ed-page blown up cartoon by one Gokul Gopalakrishnan in DC (sorry man!). I used to love the earlier cartoons there by Subhani. I daily look out for his postage-stamp sized cartoons hidden in some inside page.

I don't read any item with the word 'wakf' in its title...I can't pronounce the word.

I give a total miss to any cricket news...after the advent of IPL. But I do look out for any news item about Sreeni...a legendary administrator who knew how the tinkle of his coins attract Pavlovian cricket canines.

I don't read anything that has Global Warming in it. I know too much physics for betting on it. They say that the drought in Hyderabad as well as the deluge in Chennai are due to can't do both, can it? It is all due to the guilty conscience of the gas-guzzling Yankees.

I also don't read any item with GM crops in it...GM reminds me of the Geiger-Muller counter which almost failed me in my MSc.

Also any item with our shehzada in it...he looks as innocent as I am about politics...also his fond mom for the opposite reasons.

I also skip any item with science in it...had a bellyful. I am least excited about the God Particle.

Also cinema...and Salman Khan and his Khan bros.

Also religion and, in particular, the Speaking Tree in ToI...never met one.

I read the obits page...time is ripe for it...

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