Friday, February 12, 2016

Arvind Gandhi


This Letter to the Editor appeared in today's Deccan Chronicle:


The sending of a DD for Rs 364 to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal to buy footwear is nothing but a publicity stunt. No one raised an eyebrow when Mahatma Gandhi wore a dhoti and chappals to meet world leaders. Simplicity is what our country needs and not suit-boot. Hats off to Mr Kejriwal.

Dr M. A. Rasheed 


I didn't agree with this writer of the LTTE. So a few minutes back I sent a Letter to the Editor of DC contradicting the above letter. The chances of its appearing in tomorrow's DC are 1 to 100. So I am copy-pasting it here under:


This a rejoinder to the Letter to the Editor titled 'Publicity Stunt' published in DC today. Arvind Kejriwal is no Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi was never a CM of Delhi nor PM of India. People representing the Government should follow the prevalent norms if they are not to stick out like sore thumbs.

G. P. Sastry
# 7615
Road # 12
Madhavapuri Hills
PJR Enclave
Hyderabad 500 050


By the way I love Arvind and his politics, sort of. Like me he is an alumnus of IIT KGP. He was a student there while I was a professor there. We never met though.

But I never wore a lungi folded up to my knees when I went to teach my students. It was ok for him and his classmates to come to their classes wearing bathroom slippers.

"When in Rome, do as Romans do"...

By the way, Dr Rasheed's 'suit-boot' is a cheap dig at our PM.

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