Thursday, April 7, 2016

Reflected Glory


There was a time when IIT KGP was the only IIT in the there are dozens.

And then IIT KGP was famous for its teachers. When I joined it as a junior faculty in 1965 I used to hear lots of names of great teachers (as apart from mere good teachers).

Many of our alumni used to express how lucky they were to have been taught by such famous teachers.

The boot is on the other leg now.

This morning I was lounging on the lawn bench and an old man sat beside me and asked me for my introduction (which I don't feel like nowadays).

Anyway, after learning that I retired as a teacher from IIT KGP, he shook my hands and said:

"Oh! My son always speaks high about it"


"He works for Google and says that his ultimate boss, the CEO of his company, was a student of IIT KGP!"

"Not only he. But the CM of Delhi was also our student"

"Oh! How lucky you are!!!!!!!!"

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