Friday, May 6, 2016



When I was a little boy of 10 our whole family was preparing to travel from Kadapa to Nellore by a cavalcade of jalopies to celebrate the marriage of my uncle. Just before locking up, my grannie went into her kitchen for a last minute checkup. And there was a cry from her. Everyone rushed and found that she was bitten by a scorpion. My medico uncle, the groom, gave her a painkiller injection. And she was ok in a few minutes.

Everyone said that getting bitten by a scorpion just before journey was a good omen. We traveled soon and the marriage went off without a hitch.

I overheard then that seeing a dead body on the way was the best omen possible on a journey to celebrate a wedding.

45 years later, my student Kapeel sent us his wedding card with the scrawl:

"Sir, you are cordially invited to the funeral of my bachelorhood"

Then I recalled the dead-body omen...some sense there...

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