Thursday, March 3, 2016

Summum Bonum


Ishani and her mom are in Nellore on leave, attending a family marriage. And the last date for paying Ishani's school fees was looming. My son withdrew the needed cash from an ATM (which he rarely does) and asked me to accompany him to the school. He is scared to go there alone and so am I. So we two form a joint stock enterprise.

My son and I waited on the sofa in the Reception. And his turn came and he was going in.

Meanwhile the ever-efficient HR, Ms S, walked out of her cubicle and saw my son and greeted him. I was trying to hide myself under the sofa but to no avail. As soon as she saw me, she wished me and I walked over to them. And she said:

"Sir, we would love to have your Ishani Booklets for our Library...we can pay the charges if any"

I was overwhelmed and did a big pranam and said:

"My pleasure...tomorrow by this time I will be here with a copy each of the lot"

And I was, with all of 8 booklets (many bound in the Library Edition). Including the Telugu Ishani Shatakam.

And Ms S was pleased and said:

"Thank you sir! Kids here do read books in our Library, you know"

And I said:

"What better place can be there for the Ishani Booklets than her School Library! It is the most secure and ideal place for them...thank you!

Love's Labor Not Lost...


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shyamala rajan said...

Wonderful! I am sure Ishani Booklets will make a fine addition to the library, entertain the youngsters, and get them smiling and thinking, as they did us adult readers. Glad to know that libraries are not going the way of Dodo birds!