Sunday, April 5, 2015

Forgot how to blog


Well, I am alive and kicking, sort of.

That was a long leave for introspection like our own trace of him yet.

Many things have happened in these 3-month absence from the goofy space.

I lost my mom (92) in January. In all her 92 years that I know, she was bedridden only on her last two days on this earth. And she kept her brain as fresh as ever. 

Ishani has graduated from her kindergarten Lilly School and they had a fantastic Graduation Ceremony. On behalf of her class she was asked to make a speech of 8 lines. And she did it better than I ever did...she had 2 full days to prepare for her 'impromptu' valedictory address before a mike and a hall-full audience.

And she has started going to her new school in a school bus. So no more driving duties for me...I see her off at 7.30 AM and welcome her at 1.30 PM.

Well, though I have been down with the familiar bronchial problems I haven't been altogether lazy...idle man's brain.

I have composed a Shatakam (100 verses) in flat 25 days (and nights). Unfortunately they are all in Telugu with impeccable prosody calling for strict rhythm and rhyme. The Shatakam is dedicated to my eldest brother-in-law, Sri G. Ranga Rao, IAS. And as you can expect, all of the verses are political satire on current affairs. And each 4-line verse ends with the same last line having my B-i-L's name in it. For those few readers who are well-versed in Telugu, here is a sample:

1  38. Warm weather is due to hot winds says Weather Report:

వేడి గాలి వల్ల వచ్చు తాప మనురు

వచ్చు మబ్బు వల్ల వర్ష మనురు

వెఱ్ఱి బాగులోళ్ళు వెదరు పండితులుర

వెంకటాద్రి  సుతుడ  వినుర రంగ

Well, that is for today...don't know when the next post will be...que sera  sera


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Will wait for the next post. Hope it comes soon.