Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Beefy Matters


"Kerala denies serving beef...State's chief secretary says only buffalo meat is served in House canteen"

...DC Page 9 Headline Wednesday 28 October 2015


Ms. Buffalo and Dr. Crow

Once upon a time a Ms. Buffalo
Lay ruminating on a cheerful meadow.
The sun was slowly sinking in the west
And peace and drowsiness reigned in her breast.

Soon she heard bells, drum beats and songs
And there was a white cow with decorated horns.
Such pangs of jealousy in her heart grew
That Ms. Buffalo could no more chew.

“Oh, they adore her as the Goddess of Wealth
While taunting me as the Vehicle of Death!
Why! Her milk has no more protein
Nor my manure any less methane.

Yet laws get passed against her slaughter
As if she solely were the Nation’s daughter.”
Oh! How such thoughts did rack and rack!
Till a supple crow landed on her back.

...Posted by Ishani


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