Thursday, October 29, 2015

Old Age Gold Age


Old age is like coffee. Tastes bitter at first but addictive later on.

Let me first list things that I thoroughly enjoy nowadays.

Without doubt I am blessed to live in the company of my son, D-i-L, and little Ishani. Just watching them is joy.

I enjoy driving my toy car here and there. Without it, I would have been home-bound since I can't walk much.

I enjoy the apartment I live in now. It is just the right distance from the polluted city and is at a height on a hill. It is full of sunshine and breeze.

I enjoy my new eye-sight. I was going blind with cataracts in both eyes. My son and his wife compelled me to undergo the surgery which I was scared of. Without it I would have been a gone case.

There are pains here and there but I enjoy the intervals of no pain. I enjoy my reasonably good general health.

I enjoy the running water in the taps when it is there and the power when it is there.

Yes, I enjoy my pension. Without it, there would have been a feeling that I am financially a burden too. Otherwise the little money in the bank means nothing to me.

I enjoy the freedom from travel. I hated travel but I had to travel all my working life.

That brings me to the freedom from work. No one expects me to work. 

I enjoy the freedom from compulsive reading and blogging which tied me down till recently.

As it is, I enjoy reading the Deccan Chronicle and Times of India and the tidbits that I come across and share with my few readers.

I enjoy the little food I eat and the many tea cups I sip.

I enjoy sitting idle thinking nothing serious...just marking time.

Memory fails but it is fun to try and recall a name. Often it takes days.

Sure, there are things I miss.

Often I miss my wife although it is more than 3 years since she passed away.

And I miss my long years of chain-smoking as a bachelor. The urge to resume it is always there to be fought.

The greatest freedom for me is the complete absence of the lousy sex hormones which rule most of our lives...BLISS!  

...Posted by Ishani


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