Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Superduperman


Here is an excerpt from the Mystic Mantra Op-Ed piece titled: A Dangerous Man (in DC of Dec 11, 2012):

"...Osho loved books and his personal library in Pune contains about 1,00,000 titles.

His tastes were eclectic, ranging from philosophy and religion to psychology, science, literature, history, the arts, politics and poetry.

All books have been read and dated and often signed by him..."


That, set me thinking hard.

At first I thought there must be a printing mistake in that 1,00,000 number. But the commas are all there and so it is unlikely that the printer made a devil of himself.

Then I sort of went into a calculation mode.

Anyone with such diverse reading tastes must take at least three hours to read one book. Even an Ishani Booklet of 65 pages takes me 3 hours to re-read despite the fact that I am their 'author'.

That means 3,00,000 reading hours.

Osho never claimed he was God. So, a man of such other preoccupations as him could spend, say, only 8 hours a day reading, since he also "wrote 600 books and gave several thousand audio and video discourses" (wiki). While Supratim took 4 months to write three full paragraphs and three sub-paras, he says...and maybe gave just a few hundred audio and video discourses in his class rooms...on themes less involved than Osho's.

So that amounts to:

3,00,000 / 8 = 37500 days.

Let us be physics guys and approximate it to 36500 days.

A year has roughly 365 days.

That means a 100 years.

But Osho lived only 58 years (he was my rough premature contemporary).

Some MAN that!

Unless my math has got as screwed up as my physics.

Pratik-sir, please check!


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