Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shattered Romances


While we were living near the Old City of Hyderabad (the asli Hyderabad) 3 years ago, I used to take long evening walks along the busy roads of Khairatabad.

And I was frequently overhearing autowalas haggling with customers wanting to go to one of the four 'bowlis' of Hyderabad:

1. Gachi Bowli
2. Rethi Bowli
3. Putli Bowli
4. Doodh Bowli

And I was simply charmed by the sounds of these place-names. They sounded so romantic. I didn't care for their meanings and didn't want to ask lest they disappoint me...

But today I read about a fifth Bowli:

5. Engine Bowli

And that was the sad end of my romance with the Bowlis of Hyderabad.


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